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Marjoram Essential Oil

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Marjoram Essential oil is extracted from the herbaceous plant Origanum majorana with a plethora of medicinal uses. The herb belongs to the mint family and is grown in the Mediterranean, North Africa, and Western Asia. It has a spicy floral fragrance which has soothing and healing benefits for the mind and body. It is used as a herbal treatment for colds, gastrointestinal issues, menstrual ailments, diabetes, heart health, migraines, and muscle spasms. It is endowed with antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, antispasmodic, antiseptic, aphrodisiac, digestive, and antimicrobial properties. Applications Aromatherapy Inhaling the aroma of Marjoram essential oil has been correlated with improved functioning of the brain, reduced levels of stress and anxiety, and a general mood upliftment. This can help in relieving tension, pains and headaches. It can also help you in controlling an abnormal amount of sexual urges and desires.
  • Add a few drops of Marjoram essential oil with water in an automatic diffuser, aroma lamp, or reed diffuser to introduce the aroma into your surroundings.
  • Alternatively, you can add a few drops of the oil to a carrier oil or body lotion and massage it onto your skin.
  • For benefits on the go, you can dab a few drops on a handkerchief and take it with you.
Relieves Pain The analgesic properties of marjoram essential oil can act as a natural pain reliever in case of fever, overexertion of muscles, toothaches, and headaches. It is also useful in alleviating different forms of spasms in the muscles and other systems of the body. It warms up your body and improves blood circulation which reduces the distress due to cold and cough and reduces pain due to arthritis and rheumatism.
  • Massage the blend of Marjoram and coconut oil onto painful and inflamed areas to relieve discomfort.
Treats Respiratory Ailments Marjoram oil serves as a natural expectorant that helps in reducing the mucus and phlegm collected in the throat and sinus, thereby treating congestion. It also effectively reduces cough. The oil can further cure spasms in the respiratory system, prevent infections such as common cold influenza, mumps, measles, and pox from infecting the system, and speed up healing.
  • Mix Marjoram oil with a neutral base oil and massage it on your chest and neck to relieve respiratory discomfort.
Skin & Hair Care Marjoram oil is a great tool to provide nourishment to the skin and hair. It helps in reducing roughness and dry patches on your skin and gives it a silky smooth finish. The oil also helps inflamed and irritated scalp by soothing it down. It makes the scalp healthier and promotes fuller hair growth.
  • Add 2-3 drops of essential oil to your shampoo while washing your hair.
  • Alternatively, add 3-4 drops of Marjoram essential oil to your hair oil and wear it as a mask for a couple of hours before shampooing.
  • Add 1-2 drops of Marjoram essential oil to the face cream and massage the cream into the skin. Alternatively, you can use it directly after mixing the essential oil with a base oil (olive oil, grapeseed oil, etc.) in a proportion (2ml base oil: 1 drop of unilateral essential oil).
  • Put a few drops of oil in your bathtub, and soak in it to make the skin fresh and smooth. You can also add 2 drops of the essential oil to warm water for a refreshing foot bath.
Healing Marjoram essential oil is effective in treating both internal and external wounds. It acts as an astringent and prevents wounds from becoming septic. Further, the oil fights against a variety of infections caused by bacteria, fungi, and viruses. The oil also promotes perspiration which facilitates the removal of toxins, sodium, salt, and excess water from our system. It also promotes urination to eliminate these toxins from the body. Therefore, it is advised to keep yourself hydrated when using Marjoram.
  • When taking a bath, add 10 drops of Marjoram essential oil to hot water and soak for at least 10 minutes.
  • You can also apply a blend of Marjoram oil and coconut oil to painful points and massage with it.
Aids Digestion Marjoram oil can also successfully improve the digestive processes. It stimulates the production of digestive juices, increases salivary digestion, and stimulates peristaltic movements to maintain bowel movements and proper digestion. In case of flatulence, using marjoram promotes the gases towards the lower region of the abdomen and relaxes the muscles so that they can be eliminated and stopped from further production. It can also help in indigestion, nausea, and vomiting by neutralizing the acids in the stomach.
  • Massage a mixture of Marjoram essential oil and jojoba oil over your abdomen to relieve digestive ailments.


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Where Do Your Ingredients Come From?

Our 100% pure essential Oil comes from Morocco, Polygonum extracts come from rural China, Cinnamon sticks come from Sri Lanka, and so on. We source our essential oils and raw ingredients from fair-trade farming associations around the world.

Are Treingi Products Tested & Certified?

PURC produces only the highest quality hair and skin-care products. We’ve been producing hair care products for more than 9 years, with a GMP (Good manufacturing practice) workshop. Our products pass the worldwide ISO-9002 standards.

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